Charlotte Trolley, USA

*Mass-Spring-System - Passage through the Convention Center*
Housings set, reinforcement bars placed
Inserting of spring elements
*Setting of element housings in the passage way of the Convention Center*
*Mass-Spring-System - Passage through the Convention Center*
*Trolley Car leaving the Convention Center - in the foreground mass-spring-system*
In the foreground mass-spring-system
*Vintage Trolley Car No.85 in front of Stonewall Station*
Charlotte Convention Center / Charlotte Trolley Project A section of the Charlotte Trolley runs through the Charlotte Convention Center in close proximity to conference Areas and venues. High levels of struture borne noise from the train operations were expected if proper mitigation was not provided. A floating track bed system was designed as an efficient system for reducing vibrations and noise in the conference center.
Vibration Isolation System
456 spring elements, type GSIV
Design axle load
12,5 t
July 2004
Length: 221 m vertical system natural frequency: 6.5 Hz Trough length: 26 m Trackbed width: 8.5 m Number of tracks: 2 Design velocity: 25 km/h Trackbed mass: 1.4 t/m2
City of Charlotte
Construction Details
Floating twin-track slabs on jack-up system
Vibration Consultant
Wyle Laboratories, Inc. (Arlington, VA)
All photos marked with * have been provided by Mr. Jon Bell - Presbyterian College, Clinton, South Carolina, USA