Mass-Spring-System for Urban Tram Line - Tunnel Cologne / Germany

Canting by using different height of plinths
Setting of element housings - placed on bond breaker
Placing of concrete
Inserting spring elements - lifting of slab
Joint between adjacent slabs
Canting by using different height of plinths
Cologne-Mülheim / Germany
High-Performance Floating Trackbed System for an Urban Tram Line
Vibration Isolation System
GERB spring elements, Type GSI
Design axle load
10 t
Total length: 2 x 900 m
Vertical System natural frequency: 6,5 Hz
Number of tracks: 2
Design tram velocity: 80 km/h
Trackbed mass:
3,4 t/m
KVB Köln
Construction Details
Spring supported in-situ concrete slabs Standard Rail S49
Vibration & Acoustics Consultant
IBU, Essen / Germany