Mass-Spring-System for Urban Tram Line - Tunnel Stuttgart-Ruit / Germany

Levelling of the Floating Trackbed
Erection of the spring units
Levelling of the Floating Trackbed
Levelling of the Floating Trackbed
GSI spring element inserted and under load
Entrance Station Stuttgart-Ruit
Tunnel Stuttgart-Ruit, Urban Tram Line
Tunnel Ruit for Urban Tram Line, Stuttgart / Germany
Mass - Spring - System for Urban Tram Line
Vibration Isolation System
GERB spring elements, Type GSI
Axle load
10 t
Length: 2 x 135 m
Vertical system natural frequency: 5,7 Hz
Number of tracks: 2
Design velocity:
80 km/h
Trackbed mass:
4,3 t/m
Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB)
Construction Details
Spring supported in-situ concrete slabs, ballast bed, sleepers, standard rail S49
Vibration Consultant
Dorsch Consult Ingenieur- gesellschaft mbH, Munich