Mass-Spring-System for Urban Tram Line, Bielefeld / Germany

Pouring concrete for the slab
Element housing on plastic foil - rebar work going on
Pouring concrete for the slab
Pouring concrete for the slab
Embedded element housing - with spring unit next to it
Erection - Inserting the spring units
Adjustment of the slab level during tram operation
Bielefeld, Schwarzer Weg
Bielefeld, Schwarzer Weg / Germany
High-Performance floating trackbed system for an urban tram line in front of a hotel building
Vibration Isolation System
GERB spring elements, Type GSI
Design axle load
10 t
Slab length: 65 m
Vertical system natural frequency:
5 Hz
Number of tracks: 2
Design tram velocity: 60 km/h
Trackbed mass:
1,67 t/m2
City Bielefeld
Construction Details
Spring supported in-situ concrete slabs, arranged in a shallow concrete pit, embedded rails, asphalt top surface
Vibration & Acoustics Consultant
IBU Essen, Germany