Mass-Spring-System for Urban Tram Line, Köln-Frechen - Hauptstrasse

Inserting the spring element into the housing
Formwork for concrete trough
Housings in the floating trackbed
Switch fixed, in between housing
Inserting the spring element into the housing
Spring element inserted into the housing
Spring supported track bed with a top-layer of asphalt
Köln - Frechen, Hauptstraße
Floating trackbed system for an urban tram line
Vibration Isolation System
GERB spring elements, Type GSI
Design axle load
10 t
Length: 25 m
vertical system natural frequency: 6.5 Hz
Design velocity:
50 km/h
Trackbed mass:
2.0 t/m2
Häfen und Güterverkehr Köln Aktiengesellschaft (HGK)
Construction Details
Spring supported in-situ concrete slab, Rillenschiene Ri 59, top layer asphalt
Vibration Consultant
IBU Essen, Germany