Mass-Spring-System for Heavy Rail Rolling Stock - Puchon / Korea

Puchon Station / Korea
Pre-fab concrete box and rebars fixing for the trough
Lifting of the concrete trough and inserting the spring element
Spring element installed laterally below the concrete trough
Trackbed with spring elements
Trackbed with spring elements
Puchon Station / Korea
Puchon Station / Korea

Floating Trackbed System for Heavy Rail Rolling Stock
Vibration Isolation System
laterally inserted GERB spring elements Type K
Design axle load
22 t
Length: 6 x 225 m
vertical system natural frequency:
5 Hz
Trough length: 26 - 46 m
Trackbed width: 3,8 m
Number of tracks: 8
Design velocity: 120 km/h
Trackbed mass: 7,2 t/m
Korean Railroad Authority
Construction Details
Troughs with ballast bed, standard rail fixing, concrete sleepers
Vibration Consultant
GERB Engineering GmbH, Essen