Acoustic Center Sassenburg / Germany

*FAURECIA Acoustic Center Sassenburg*
Prestressed spring elements
Prestressed spring elements protected by plastic hood
Spring elements - released - in the basement
Spring elements - released - in the basement
*Acoustic Room with roller test stand*
*FAURECIA Acoustic Center Sassenburg*
Acoustic Center Sassenburg
Vertical system natural frequency
4 – 6 Hz
Double story building with teststands, measuring rooms, workshop and offices
Vibration Control effect
85 – 95%
Isolated structure
Acoustic room (roller test stand) as well as 3 measuring rooms built as a Room-within-a-Room design
Vibration Source
Testing equipment as well as other sources in- and outside of the building
Sommer Allibert Lignotock GmbH
Technical Data
total design load: 17.000 kN
Acoustic Consultant
PEUTZ & Associés
Base isolation system
40 GERB spring elements (prestressable)
Those photos marked with * have been provided to us by FAURECIA - Center of Acoustic Technology - Sassenburg