High Speed Track (TGV) on top of station building

Cheonan Station / Korea
Concrete frame structure below the floating slabs
Spring elements set, lost shuttering placed on top - part of the floating slabs
Arches with spring elements and floating slab track above
Building of Cheonan Station
Cheonan Station / Korea
Cheonan Station / Korea
High Speed Train Line Seoul - Pusan
Vibration Isolation System
prestressable spring elements, Type GP & GPV incl. Viscodampers
Design axle load
22 t
in operation since May 2004
Total length:
1,250 m
Vertical System natural frequency:
6 Hz
Number of tracks: 4
Design speed:
350 km/h
Track bed mass: 3.5 t/m
Length of slabs: 20 m
Width of slabs:
22.8 m
Korean High Speed Railway Construction Authority
Construction Details
Spring supported concrete slabs, ballast bed, concrete sleepers
Vibration & Acoustics Consultant
SYSTRA / France