High Speed Track (TGV) on top of station building

Concrete frame structure below the floating slabs
Concrete frame structure below the floating slabs
Spring elements set, lost shuttering placed on top - part of the floating slabs
Arches with spring elements and floating slab track above
Building of Cheonan Station
Cheonan Station / Korea
Cheonan Station / Korea
High Speed Train Line Seoul - Pusan
Vibration Isolation System
prestressable spring elements, Type GP & GPV incl. Viscodampers
Design axle load
22 t
in operation since May 2004
Total length:
1,250 m
Vertical System natural frequency:
6 Hz
Number of tracks: 4
Design speed:
350 km/h
Track bed mass: 3.5 t/m
Length of slabs: 20 m
Width of slabs:
22.8 m
Korean High Speed Railway Construction Authority
Construction Details
Spring supported concrete slabs, ballast bed, concrete sleepers
Vibration & Acoustics Consultant
SYSTRA / France